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With Boards By the Numbers you can study for the ABFAS Board Certification wherever you have an internet connection and with whatever device you have with you.

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Study Across All Devices

Your exam answers, test results, bookmarks and notes are available across all devices.

On Your Desktop

Access the study material on your computer through any modern web browser.

On Your Phone or Tablet

Access the same content on your phone or tablet while you are waiting in line or taking a coffee break.

Written Notes

Access written notes to help prepare for the exam.  Bookmark your pages and add your own notes

CBPS Notes

Learn how to best prepare for the Computer Based Patient Simulation software with an in-depth suggested approach and CBPS cases.

Practice Exams

Practice with pre-built exams or design your own based on categories you want to focus on. Over 1000 questions can be taken in Study Mode or timed Test Mode.


Keep track of your exam results and measure your progress in preparation for the real exam.


Boards by the Numbers is accessed on a yearly subscription basis.  
Subscriptions are NOT automatically renewed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum system requirements?

  • Internet Connection: Requires an Internet connection. 
  • Cell Phone with texting capabilities: Required for user Two-Factor Authentication
  • Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 22+, Safari 5.1+, Goggle Chrome 28+ 
  • Supported Devices/Operating Systems:  iPhone 4 or above / ios 6.0+, iPad / ios 6.0+, Android Phone /  os 4.0+, Android Tablet /  os 4.0+ (Includes Kindle Fire2 and HD)

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Boards By The Numbers software is "copy protected". This means that the software has been specifically designed to be used on only one computer or device at a time. When you purchased Boards By The Numbers software, you purchased a license to use the copyrighted software.

You may use it on any computer or device, any time and anywhere you have Internet connectivity. However, you can only be logged into the system on one computer or device at a time.  This license is non transferable to any other individual or entity.

The program uses Two-Factor Authentication Security to validate you as a user and does not allow simultaneous logins, so please keep your login ID and password private. You may login on any device. However, you cannot be logged in on multiple devices.

Two-factor authentication is a security process in which the user provides two means of identification from separate categories of credentials; one is typically a physical token (a numeric number sent to your cell phone), and the other is typically something memorized, such as your ID and password which you create when you register the program.

How do the subscriptions work?

The subscription is good for 365 days (1 year) from the time of registration.  During that time you may access any content on the site at any time as long as you have an internet connection.  After the year is over, your account credit card will NOT be charged again and your subscription will be stopped.  Your account may be deactivated and all data destroyed. 

If you wish to renew for another year, you will need to purchase another 1 year subscription.

What is your disclaimer?

This program was created and designed to assist practitioners in obtaining certification with the ABFAS. The authors have made every effort to assure the accuracy of the information presented. However, it is the responsibility of each practitioner to evaluate the appropriateness of any opinion in actual clinical situations. Certifiable Inc. and its agents cannot be held responsible for typographical or any other errors found in this program. Indications, adverse reaction, and dosages provided in the program may change. We recommend following the information and data given by the manufacturers of the medications mentioned.

Neither Certifiable Inc., or any of its agents will be liable for any misuse or misrepresentation of Boards By The Numbers software. Certifiable Inc., and its agents make no claim as to the technical or medical accuracy of the product. Additionally, Certifiable Inc., and its agents take no responsibility for any aspect of any medical procedures performed by the users of this product. And finally, Certifiable Inc., and its agents make no guarantees that users of this product will pass the ABFAS board certification exams.

This program was created and designed to assist practitioners in obtaining certification with the ABFAS foot certification. While there are many RRA topics in the written notes and questions (because rear foot is fair game on the foot certification Part I exam), it is not designed for the RRA certification exam.

However, we wish you the best of luck!

How often is this program updated?

Boards By The Numbers is updated often.  You can check out our Updates page to see what has been going on.

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