I have successfully registered, but how do I get to the log-in page?

The original email that you received contains the link to access the program. If you do not have the original email, just type in the following URL into the address field of what ever browser you are using:

I forgot my password and cannot log in.

Click on the Forgot Password link in the lower right hand corner of the log-in page and rest your password.

I have a new phone and need to switch my authorization to the new phone.

Please call support at (513) 347-0004.

I'm not receiving SMS messages

I'm still having problems, how can I get help?

Please click on the Support Form tab above.  Enter as many details as possible and your preferred method of contact.

Support Form

Please fill out the form below to reach us.  You may leave your phone number if you’d like us to respond with a phone call.  Please include as many details as possible.

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